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    They broke up...

    For those of you that recall the Somethings are meant to be together thread I have some very sad news (scroll down) : Took this one today :
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    Lazy design leads to Sante-Guan

    Back in the 70's and 80's we saw a lot of eastern copies of western cars and even today we have Lexii (plural for Lexus?) looking likes Beemers and Mercs and of course the Chinese are having a ball of a time at this game. However, as can be expected from the laziest desingers in Germany, they...
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    Somethings are meant to be together

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    VW Citi Golf "breaks in two" after hitting tree

    Still think its cool to drive a car that was developed in 1974? Next rather buy something a bit more modern with at least a 3 Star EuroNCAP rating (hint : The new Sh1t1 with airbag is still a 0 star NCAP car). Original story at
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    European car of the year 2009

    This might be old news for some but in the light of the SA Car of the year being announced recently (well done Honda!) perhaps lets vee dubba rubba some more slat in the wounds with the European car of the year. That brings the total Car of the Year awards to 3 for Opel while their...
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    Ampera, Opel's take on the Volt Pretty good to see the European version of the Chev Volt at Geneva. Lets just hope this one makes it into production and then to the shores of SA. It is a plugin hybrid that gives you 60km of all electric motoring before the...
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    New Chev Spark - will the CITI still sell in 2010/2011 ?

    In the March issue of CAR magazine I saw a small pic of the upcoming Chevy Spark and it looked pretty good. Plus, also in the March issue of CAR they revealed the current Spark to be the best buy for a budget car for the so-many-eth year in a row. After checking out the images of the new...