vumatel fibre

  1. fundutzi

    Small town, vumatel fibre rollout, pay ensure house included?

    Dear All, Background Vumatel is currently busy rolling out fibre in a small town in Limpopo. I have a list of +- 7 addresses where fibre will be needed. Objective How can I ensure the fibre "external capping"/ "joint box" is installed at each property? Why all this fuss? I would like to...
  2. ripclaw

    Vumatel fibre - Reservoir Hills

    To all residents of Reservoir Hills, please start registering your interest in Vumatel fibre to the home (FTTH). Please go to and register your interest there. Please spread the word amongst your neighbours, family, friends, street reps, etc. Remember, it...
  3. J

    Help, cannot cancel previous fibre package to install our own

    Hi I recently moved into a new place with a friend. There is a line currently active with an Internet Solutions package on it. We want our own 20/20 package but are unable to cancel this one to replace it and activate our own. The problem is that the previous tenant was with Webafrica and...
  4. F

    Vumatel Fibre in Little Falls Down

    My Vumatel / WebAfrica fibre has been down since yesterday. Anyone else having the same problem? Little Falls / Strubensvalley