1. P

    Woman Bit by Fox then Shot by Husband

    07/26/2008 01:48 AM Woman Bit by Fox then Shot by Husband A Florida woman was attacked by a fox then accidentally shot in the leg by her husband. They had noticed the animal in the yard and had gone out for a better look when it bit the woman's left leg and would not...
  2. M

    World's oldest blogger makes final post

    Sorry ook, a woman beat you to it :D
  3. Necuno

    faith. believe. reglion, they don't like woman ?

    not sure where to start this argument or debate, but here goes. my initial question would be, why is it that in some believe systems its clear that woman has a lesser role than man and how has this come to be? That it seems that they are there to stay at level 1 while men enjoy endless...
  4. M

    74 year old woman crashes into store then tries to buy beer

    ... Looks like she probably had some Budweiser before she crashed as well. She probably went for a refill.
  5. M

    Sex For Gas

    Times must be bad if you're trading sex for gas :o
  6. M

    Intruder sneaks into homes, dances, touches women

    ... I thought it was only in movies when people do not lock their front doors :o
  7. M

    Man accused of hiding in woman's couch

  8. M

    Norway arrests woman for carrying cocaine in wig

    ... Gives new meaning to the term crackhead.
  9. M

    Woman sat dead in front of TV for 42 years

  10. M

    Florida woman fired for laughing

    Only in Florida
  11. M

    Widow throws party to find place in heaven

  12. T

    Man finds woman living in wardrobe

    http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,23783158-2,00.html Only in.... :p
  13. M

    Wolf whistle works, woman strips

    Woman strips for workers