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  1. A

    SA WOW Community

    Hi Everyone, As you may or may not know, the SA WOW community has dwindled in recent years to a point where its non-existent. We are few and far between and are scattered across so many different realms. If you are reading this I'm sure you decided to start playing to explore the content, to...
  2. R

    World of Warcraft - Classic (Vanilla)

    Some questions to the myBB gaming community in a poll. Feel free to elaborate on your choice or any opinions you might have, in a post below,
  3. Conack

    SA Guilds 2017 - World of Warcraft

    Herewith a newly compiled list of active SA Guilds: [Replaced the vague "Normal/Heroic/Mythic" designation with a direct link to the guilds' WoWProgress pages] Draenor - EU - PVE: Lythix (Raiding Guild) - Horde EU Ragnaros - EU - PVP: F.O.A.D (Raiding Guild) - Horde - Progress Silvermoon...
  4. V

    Looking for Refer a Friend partner

    Hi guys , I decided to do refer a friend again for a change. I got the following heirloom sets for that extra boost yall like :P ALL Heirloom sets I got on 4 toons each And then of course i'm more then active on a daily basis...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    World of WarCraft, StarCraft, Diablo network peering in SA

    World of WarCraft, StarCraft, Diablo network peering in SA NAPAfrica is in talks with Blizzard to peer at its points of presence around South Africa.
  6. S

    Cape Town Alliance (Lightbringer EU) Seeks new recruits

    Cape Town Alliance is seeking to fill its ranks with Social / Casual / Raiders. We are a newly formed guild on the Lightbringer EU server. Its an Alliance Faction guild. Also we are looking for an Experienced Raid Leader/s to take the troops out for 10man raids once the time comes. Feel free...
  7. W

    Prophecy WoW Guild to be Reborn

    Good Day ladies and gents. After being away for 4Years I am back and I am planning to restore Prophecy back to power. We are putting the Prophecy guild back on the map but not on Lightbringer. Prophecy on Lightbringer (and the realm)is dead and 99% of the players have moved on. Once we...
  8. jes

    Intelligence agencies NSA and GCHQ spying on video gamers

    NSA, GCHQ spying on video gamers Reports say British and American intelligence officers have been spying on gamers across the world
  9. S

    Top Quality SA Based 3.3.5a Server - Huge Promotion!

  10. T

    World of Warcraft - Original Collectors Edition Signed

    Hi All Wanting to sell my collectors edition of World of Warcraft which was signed by Michael Morhaime founder and president of Blizzard. The box is in mint condition with a US key completely unused. Box was only taken out of its wrapper so the signature could be put on the box itself...
  11. Conack

    SA Guilds 2013 - World of Warcraft

    Herewith a newly compiled list of active SA Guilds as of Jan 2013: Alonsus - EU: Mojo (10M Raiding Guild) - Alliance Chromaggus - EU - PVP: Unforgiven II (10M Raiding Guild) - Horde (Since Chromaggus is nearly an empty realm the active raiding team (as of 2013 Feb) moved to...
  12. QuintonB

    World of Warcraft exploit results in mass character deaths

    Hackers mass “kill” World of Warcraft players Hackers staged a surprise attack on the online role-playing game World of Warcraft and “killed” some virtual characters, the company operating the game said Monday.
  13. A

    Scroll of Resurrection

    Hi guys I have a couple of Scrolls of Resurrections I can send out. "If your friend reactivates his or her account and purchases at least one month of game time, you will receive a month of World of Warcraft for FREE! You can only invite someone who was once a subscriber and last played...
  14. B

    Looking for US Mac Client of WoW in Cape Town

    Hey guys, I have been living in Cape Town for the past few months and haven't played WoW... The itch to return is crazy! I understand that the experience playing down here (with the latency and ping and whatnot) will be less than what I was used to back in the US - but nonetheless I want to...
  15. funkmail

    WoW Ports

    Ports used by World of Warcraft * TCP 1119 - Login for accounts, connecting to and playing on World of Warcraft realms * TCP 3724 - Connecting to and playing on World of Warcraft realms as well as the Blizzard Downloader * TCP 6881-6999 - The Blizzard Downloader...
  16. ControlAltDelete

    anyone Magtheridon Guild?

    Anyone know a SA magtheridon guild i can join ?
  17. ControlAltDelete

    how do i connect wow via proxy?

    i have this proxy its an HTTP proxy and i checked it withProxifier and its working fine, but when i launch apps with it that i have created thhe rules all it does it say the the app couldnt connect example: 21:10] ACBSP.exe - open [21:10] ACBSP.exe - close, 177...
  18. TofuMofu

    BG Leveling

    I decided to roll a Wargen Rogue (actually changed my lvl 25 Gnome Rogue to a Worgen :p ) and use him for PvP mostly. I then realized how much XP you get from winning (yes winning...losing is pointless waste of time :p) Battle Grounds! It is completely a viable way of leveling and so much fun...
  19. Derrick

    Top 6 World of Warcraft plugins

    With millions of people playing the world’s most popular MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) there are literarily thousands of plugins out there that can help you improve your online game play and WoW interface. While the choice of plugins is completely subjective, my top 6 generic plugins that I...
  20. E

    Do I need to download the patches if I start a new account with Cataclysm?

    I havent played world of warcraft yet but i do know that there are alot of patches. If i purchase all the games up until the cataclysm expansion will i still need to download the previous patches?