‘Free Jacob Zuma’ protests take fiery turn as 25 trucks burnt in KZN


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Oct 8, 2012
My mom's company just paid July salaries to all staff early to go stock up. They are in Rivonia. They can't be the only company doing it.

This is going to be Covid panic buying all over again. Be warned, the panic is coming.
My wife's company paid part of their salaries yesterday for the employees to stock up.


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Jun 25, 2010
I would think a group of people suddenly running towards shops with the intention to grab what they can and run away would constitute as looting or do they have a specific number of people in mind?

If the intention was not to loot why were SAPS deployed with riot gear? But as I said, I think their intention is to stop people from going into panic mode and causing food and supply shortages.

I don't know. All the Western Cape must do at the moment is to beat the weekend, put Sunday behind their backs because I do believe that the memo may have made some people anxious. Memos like that is expected to leak, whether it is real or not, once social media gets wind then it is sailing.

Mitigation is what the province will be doing. As long as they keep things real with the people within their borders, then I am happy.


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Aug 26, 2016
But even the Somerset West CPF chairman, Bill Smith, confirmed the early warning with COTC of the so called " leaked" document.

So order of events:

2 voicenotes circulating indicating that plans are made to loot in 5 days ( could be that they hope this will happen but theres no plan really)

CPF forwards the message to SAPS CI who discuss it at the NATJOINTS meeting

CoTC sends an EARLY WARNING out to stakeholders on 13 July. This early warning looks exactly the same as all of the other daily early warnings from CoTC although its rubbished here as fake.

People and companies react to the official early warning

15 July they say no attacks will take place in 2 days time, how do they know this?

SAPS in Stellenbosch yesterday confirmed that the incident in Cloetesville was an attempt to loot but then the city says it had nothing to do with looting.

So anyway, my question remains, how does SAPS and the city know for a fact that looting will not occur on Saturday, according to their communication?
It's a bit of a propaganda war.

Whoever is organising don't really have the numbers so they need to create anticipation, and fear.

The city and police need to do the opposite and say it's not happening everything is fine.


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Sep 22, 2005
and society tends to view them with contempt, we certainly don't pity them.

and that fear is wrong. There isn't a single political party out there today talking about returning to Apartheid.

Agreed. It's just putting things into context. We do what we can to help as individuals but all we're doing really is farting against thunder. You could give everything you own and you still wouldn't make a significant dent in the suffering caused by the billions currently being stolen.

Part of the continuation of that theft is the voting patterns of the country.
let me be your eyes for a sec... the country is settling old energy debts....its been running up since 1652 ...some will disagree, will bitch, will moan...guess what, that is the universal law....has always been , is now, even when most of humanity is asleep/sheep, will always be,....hopefully , the last few days is the final payment made .... and also the end of the Zuma chapter..... I can assure you, one day when future generations look back-- it will the diversity of our society that will be viewed as being the reason for the success this country will one day bask in.


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Sep 22, 2009
Mixed up response here.

SAPS Stellenbosch reported an attempted looting. The Western Cape government said it wasn't an attempt at looting, but a situation due to the taxi violence. It ignores whether looting was possible or not. Robberies and looting isn't the same thing, politically.

These are the two SA crimes in layman related to depriving someone's property:

No looting, but looting must be somewhere in the above.

Now with every incident in the Western Cape, the government sends out a message that it is unrelated to looting. "No looting since..."

The gist therein was my response to The Mowgs. You have to ask, how many people does it take to loot?
Had a shooting late night, also people tried to frame it as part of looting as it was close to a shopping centre. Was related to forced removal of attempted squatting.

Its become "hip" to call everything related to looting.


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Oct 16, 2011
But what they've done is encourage the panic.

I agree, but people are being ridiculous as it is. It doesn't help if you and I are calm and rational if there are 10 people ahead of us buying everything in the queue, it just makes us want to be further up the queue to ensure we get something.


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Apr 1, 2010
A wild Bheki Cele appears and talks to the press about ammunition that was found.

Considering that this is his first real appearance since the riots broke out, this is probably fabricated to make him look good.



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Dec 3, 2008
Probably B S.
On Telegram. Container looted in Dbn Port. Million rounds of 9mm and .223 ammo stolen.
Anyone who can confirm this?


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Sep 5, 2019
Had a shooting late night, also people tried to frame it as part of looting as it was close to a shopping centre. Was related to forced removal of attempted squatting.

Its become "hip" to call everything related to looting.
Yup agreed, but we have stopped calling them looters now and just criminals. Caught 3 guys last night with empty bags running around the residential area, got spotted and they bolted as fast as possible. One got caught saying he doesn't know anything and was just walking around. Said he has never heard of the curfew before in his life.