‘I heard doctors say he’s dead.’ Man recounts near-death experience after cobra bite


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Mar 26, 2010
‘I lay on a stretcher and I could feel myself leaving my own body,’ he says.

Johan ‘Gerrie’ Germeshuizen from Graaff-Reinet is back home after a Cape cobra bite left him at death’s door. Doctors have labelled his survival “a miracle”.

Germeshuizen’s harrowing ordeal started on 3 February at his place of work, AF van den Berg and Son Maintenance in town, while getting ready to go home at 5pm, reports Graaff-Reinet Advertiser.

Packing up, he opened his desk’s top drawer – never thinking for a second that grave danger was lurking and that he would soon be fighting for his life.

As he put his hand in the drawer, he felt a sting and saw a snake dangling from his right index finger. That moment changed his life.

He called his colleagues for help, who at first couldn’t believe that he was bitten by a snake.

Germeshuizen looked into the drawer to identify the curled-up snake, and at first glance thought it was a rinkhals.

“As the people came to see what was going on, I realised it was a Cape cobra,” Germeshuizen said.
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Mar 31, 2006
Shame man.
I hate snakes to be honest, but I fully understand their role in the ecosystem.
I try my best to avoid them and not create a food source for them near my flat.
My neighbours have got a swimming pool and frogs and toads jumping around their side, so I'm thinking the snakes rather go that way.
I've had insane near snake bite experiences in my life.
It started when I was a baby.
My mom said I sat on the floor and said 'wurmpie, wurmpie' and a frigging snake was in front of me. She distracted and killed it.

As I grew up it became more intense.
Spitting cobras inches away from me as I escape. 3 run-ins with big ass black mambas.

One run-in and while I'm typing this, I recall the last one was with a mofo big snake I've never seen in my life.
Prehistoric sht type snake.
I was walking down the road at our house on a farm and the snake saw me and reacted scared, scaling away.
I didn't feel threatened strangely, but I did feel fear.
It was a huge greyish snake. Seriously Anaconda's grandma. The biggest snake I've ever seen.

I wasn't high when any of this happened.
I'm also not taking the piss.

Life is weird man.
I'm still alive and I can't explain why.
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Nov 4, 2013
I don't understand how in a place like Graaff-Reinet there aren't more antidotes, it's a quite area surrounded by veld. Snakes must be prevalent there.
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