“Best smartphone ever” continues to impress South Africans


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Dec 15, 2006

There is no doubt that the latest release in the Galaxy series has built on its incredible legacy in ways that have captured the imagination of the world. Consumer Reports* calls it “” and it was graded “Best Rated Selfie Camera” by DxOMark.

The Galaxy S10 includes a new line of premium smartphones: The Galaxy S10+, S10 and S10e. Each device is packed with powerful features that have made headlines across the globe including a screen made for cinema, ultrasonic fingerprint security, wireless power-share, a long lasting battery and ground-breaking camera features, including an ultra-wide lens.

These are just some of the reasons it has garnered the level of praise it has since launch. The device has also proven the value of listening to what people want and delivering exactly that. The S10 therefore works seamlessly with the apps that South Africans use daily, including Google Play, Gmail, Instagram and Whatsapp. This connection to the Android ecosystem and Samsung’s native technology empowers people to do more of what they love.

Consumer Reports notes the exceptional way it performs the basics including “the longest battery life in our ratings, excellent cameras, and the durability to withstand the physical abuses of daily life.”*

DxOMark, the leading source of independent image quality measurements and ratings for smartphones, cameras and lenses, rated the Galaxy S10 as the best selfie camera” **.

DisplayMate, the Industry Standard of Excellence for Image and Picture Quality said, “The Galaxy S10 has the most accurate colour display that have ever measured. It is visually indistinguishable from perfect, and almost certainly considerably better than your existing Smartphone, living room HDTV, tablet, laptop and computer monitor”. ***

“With three unique devices, the range has been engineered to meet the distinct needs of today’s smartphone market. Each device delivers a next-generation experience in the categories South Africans care about most, including ground-breaking innovations in display, security, camera and performance, “says Justin Hume, Director: Integrated Mobility at .

* Smartphone rating study released by Consumer Reports (USA).

** Front runner in DxOMark selfie ratings March 2019.

*** DisplayMate Galaxy S10 shootout article published March 2019.

This article was published in partnership with Samsung.
This forum has no shame. A piece of marketing material shoved down people's throats, masquerading as an "article"


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Sep 3, 2018
ha ha and suddenly becomes the best because of the ongoing Huawei woes


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Feb 23, 2005
It's clearly a sponsored piece - the "Presented by Samsung" and "This article was published in partnership with Samsung" sort of give it away.


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Jun 20, 2008
I admit its a great phone.

I laugh every time Apple launches something. Has anyone seen the Bates ripoff on the onion channel? It was a ripoff of bill gates but i think apple is closer.

Each time a new apple is launched. We get told how its the best macbook for example yet. Thats pretty obvious as its the latest model. Duh apple.

But then apple starts ripping off the people who may have just bought an apple or a macbook. And how? Well by telling you their X factor. This Iphone is 4x faster, has 2x more pixels and 3x more ram. It can do 6x more things and costs 20x more. But ure the sucked that just bought the previous model thats now obsolete and can be binned. Yes youre 100x more stupid for just having done that.

If you dont believe me. Watch the Bates 2000 from Onion and then watch a product launch from apple for a new iphone or mac.

There is no better humour than that.

Piet Le Roux

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May 24, 2012
They have one amazing feature : Bixby! Its amazing that Samsung Will make a excellent device and then #$@! it up with the most senseless feature ever made to run on Google Android!