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10 million smart IDs issued, but queues grow up to 150% – Gigaba


Honorary Master
Mar 26, 2010
The Department of Home Affairs issued its 10 millionth smart ID card on Wednesday, but an increase in foot traffic of up to 150% may hinder government's ability to reach the full 2023 migration target.

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba presented his budget speech in Parliament ahead of his department's budget vote in the Old Assembly chamber on Wednesday.

During his pre-budget press briefing, Gigaba said the department had just issued its 10 millionth smard ID since launching the initiative in 2013. The recipient's name was Nomthandazo Maweni, who will be a guest in the public gallery when the budget is presented.

The programme is gaining momentum, but they may need to revise their 2023 target dates as queues start "stretching [into] streets", Gigaba said.

"We said by 2023 we want to have converted all green barcoded ID documents into smart ID cards," Gigaba told journalists in Parliament on Wednesday.

"We've reached 10 million conversions now, and it's 2019.

"From where we started since 2013, we have been picking up momentum, but it is likely we will not have reached 38 million conversions by 2023."
More at: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/...ued-but-queues-grow-up-to-150-gigaba-20180516


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Feb 10, 2009
"We've reached 10 million conversions now, and it's 2019.
Shyte did I miss a year? or does he mean 2019 financial year?

Must start drinking more to avoid headaches .......

So was the idea that we should be converted by 2023?


Expert Member
Mar 30, 2016
The simple solution is to open more branches, just like how banks are around every corner.


Executive Member
Sep 4, 2007
Is it just me or is he saying that they won't reach target because of queues forming...? How does that make sense? It's more a case of them not having enough staff.