100Mbps home Internet packages in South Africa compared - March 2024

These strict FUP should be banned by now :(
How about we start with uncapped unshaped within SA and then the FUP for international. It’s not perfect but it would be a start. Back to DSL times. Anyone remember the local only deals for R199/month?
how is webafrica still in business.. still waiting for a reply on their service line..a month later
Hi everyone. Please don't believe the advertised price speeds from axxess on their fixed lte lines, it's the biggest scam. I had 100mps fixed lte from axxess via mtn and continuously got 16mbps.
When holiday makers arrived in our area my speeds jumped upto around 80mbps. As soon as holidays were over and everyone went back home my speeds once again dropped to 16mbps.
This tell me I'm actively being throttled ss the tower is capable of higher speeds.
I've now tried upgrading to the 200mbps fixed lte line and my normal speeds are 20mbps except for holiday times where they jump to over 90mbps.
Axxess line speeds offered are false advertising do not believe them.