10GB free data for every household in South Africa - but only by 1 April 2025


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May 24, 2010
10GB free data for every South African household — when to expect it

South African communications minister, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, said the government would realise its plan to provide 10GB of free data to every household within the next three years.

The project will be implemented in parallel with the rollout of the SA Connect Revised Model, following the completion of a feasibility study.
One possible way government could implement this plan is through the broadband fund. It involves the government seeking partnerships with private companies to achieve its goals together with public money.
So corruption and looting?
For the rest who didn't bother reding:

The document revealed that the South African government wants to ensure all households have access to 50GB of data each month by the 2025/6 financial year. It set a short-term goal of 10GB by 2023/24.
Why do these pusses need funds for everything. You already have USSASSA fund with tens of billions sitting there doing nothing to use for underserviced areas.