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2000 ping almost constantly in Clubview, Centurion

May 24, 2018
So my line got struck by lightning about 5 times. The last time was around November. After each strike, my internet was fine, but my router got burnt. Though the last time it got struck my internet was off. I phoned telkom and the technician said the fibre guys plugged out my port? This was delivered to me via 3rd person, since I didn't talk to him/her, so I'm unsure if this is true

--Speed problems--
Since then my line has been pure garbage. I'd phone telkom and say my line is synced at 2mbs, then they'll do a port reset and sometimes it goes back to 4mbs. 2-4 weeks later it's sitting at 2mbs speed again and the cycle continues

--Ping Problems--
Sometimes my ping will sit at 18 ping(I check my ping via Teamspeak3 on the nag server, which is hosted by my ISP, Afrihost), but other times it'll be 200-600. At night(anywhere between 8pm and 6am) my ping is anywhere from 1000-5000, but it stays between 1500-2500 at most times. It reads 2000+-2000, meaning my ping can be anywhere from 0 - 4000(when it reads 5000 ping it reads as 5000+- 4000 or something btw). I have done numerous tests on my side. The problem lies with telkom 100%. My device is the only one connected and I have netlimiter, so I can see nothing is downloading
TL;DR My line is very unstable with abnormally high ping and it is telkom

--Technician Problems--
Ever since this happened, I opened a a few faults. there's been 4 technicians that I've spoken to. None of them can find the problem, or try. The 2nd technician was from a company called "something" wireless. Can't remember the 1st bit of the name. Regardless. She came here and said the problem is my fault. She did a few tests and said she can't do anything and closed the fault. So I opened another one on the 22nd of February and my line is still garbage.

--Desperation Problem--
Is there anybody that might know what the problem is? I saw people installing fibre in 2014/2015 and we still can't get fibre, even though the black box on my pole was installed about 10 months ago, so fibre is out of the question.

My ping is bad, line speed goes down every 2-4 weeks or so, 4 Technicians can't find the problem