2005 Corsa Lite Service/Maintenance Costs DIY


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Nov 9, 2012
Good Morning Guys,

Just wanted to share with anyone that migt be interested:

I serviced my 2005 Corsa Lite Plus A/C over the weekend and here are the parts price breakdown for the job:

2005 Corsa Lite Plus A/C

Minor Service Cost:

Oil Filter - Goldwagen: R 35.09
Air Filter - Midas: R 82.08
Castrol GTX 5L 20W50 - Midas: R256.00 (Only 3.5L needed)
Total Amount Incl VAT: R373.17

Extras: (If you don't have this already)

5l Plastic Bottle - WestPack: R10.00 (To put old oil in)
Plastic Drain Pan - Midas: R80.00
Funnel with plastic hose attachment - Midas: R32,00
Torx Allen Key Set - Builders Warehouse: R145:00 (Sump Plug requires a Torx T45 bit to loosen)