2024 Speed Test Challenge: Test Your Internet and Win R5,000!

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It's time to gear up and test your internet connection speed because our 2024 Speed Test Challenge is here! Not only do you get to flaunt your internet speeds, but you also stand a chance to win your share of R5,000 cash!

Steps to Enter:
  1. Download the MyBroadband Speed Test App
    - Android Speed Test App
    - Huawei Speed Test App
    - iOS Speed Test App
  2. Run a speed test over Wi-Fi or cellular network.
  3. Rate your provider and post the screenshot of your test result on this thread.
**Boost Your Chances:** Amplify your chances by running tests on both Wi-Fi (5 entries) and cellular (5 entries) networks!

The competition ends on 26 January 2024, and the winners will be announced shortly.


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