230VAC 50Hz-120VAC 60Hz Step Down Transformer

May 10, 2017
Hi Guys.

Hoping for some assistance. Trust that every has enjoyed a good festive break and are applying their minds 100% at work? lol.

My uncle was given a gift from a relative who was out from the US. Its one of those wall mounted signing bass fish things that one normally has in a pub. you know, those ones that flap about on the board and sing a song etc. Anyways, this one is a 120V Ac input @60hz and a 6V Dc 800mA output.

Ive been to my normal suppliers (AC/DC; Electro mechanica; ARB; North Side) looking for a plug in step down transformer like the 220V-12vDC 2 pin types. nobody seems to know what i need nor which transformer i need. One even tried to offer me a pool light type transformer which is not what im looking for. surely there has to be one that is similar to those 230-12v plug in types? perhaps ive been explaining it incorrectly to them, who knows.

Can anybody point me in the right direction here please? my uncle would like to mount the fish on the wall and just be able to plug it in possible, without having to hide a bulky transformer somewhere.



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Aug 4, 2005
Assuming the required power for the gadget is 6V DC at 800 ma, All you have to find is a suitable power supply, that will work from 100V to 240 Volt with a 6V DC output of at least 1 A. The frequency of such a power supply would not matter at all as most of the power supplies available would, in any case, be able to handle 50 - 60Hz. try a hobby shop, or specialised electronic supplier.