28 flexible gym girls cram inside Mini to set new world record


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Jun 12, 2007
A team of 28 flexible gym girls entered the history books after cramming inside a Mini to celebrate Guinness World Records Day.


The Sussex record-breakers squeezed inside the iconic vehicle earlier today to set an official record for the Most People Crammed In A Mini.

Speaking ahead of the event, staged a stone's throw away from Tower Bridge, organiser Dani Maynard said the girls were confident they could break their own record set in Eastbourne last year.

'While we have not quite been able to fit any of the girls into the Mini’s glove box, there is a surprising amount of space to utilise and we are really confident that we will break the record again this year,' she said.

'After our achievement last year, we know exactly what it takes to squeeze 28 people into a Mini and we stepped up our training regime to include extra stretching and fun activities like hula-hoop relay racing.'


More than 420,000 people worldwide will take part in the eighth annual Guinness World Records Day in celebration of 'the weird, wacky and downright astonishing'.

Up to 2,500 people have broken the record for the Largest Kaikottikali Dance in Mumbai, India, while participants in Italy will attempt to create the Largest Chocolate Coin.

Other record attempts will include the Longest Note On A Didgeridoo, the Heaviest Weight Lifted By Both Eye Sockets and the Fastest 100m Running On All Fours.


Guinness World Records editor, Craig Glenday said: 'Guinness World Records Day is a chance to celebrate not just the incredible individual achievements but also civic and national pride.


'Whether it’s trying to squeeze into the ultimate British Icon, the Mini or an Aussie holding the longest note on the didgeridoo or 2,500 coming together to perform a symbolic dance, this year it seems to be all about bringing records back home to the people who are most passionate about enjoying their culture and national identity.'



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Jan 30, 2004
Doesn't look like they fitted in, half of their bodies are sticking out the window.

hmmm odd. Even when taxi';s are overloaded everyone is actually inside the taxi.