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May 24, 2010
Where Facebook's massive 2Africa cable will land in South Africa

Facebook's 2Africa undersea cable will land at three sites in South Africa and will substantially increase South Africa's international Internet capacity.

The three sites include Duynefontein in the Western Cape, Mtunzini in KwaZulu-Natal, and the Coega Special Economic Zone in the Eastern Cape.
While Elon shags his employees, Suckie puts his money into something that will make him money....
always anticlimactic seeing these thin cables running along the beach considering their importance and impact.
It's a pity the SAEx cable project vanished. That cable was finally going to give us direct bandwidth to USA.
Nothing illustrates how much in the middle of nowhere South Africa as our ping times to every half way relevant place on the planet.
Was at the beach on Saturday (21/01/23) and watched the new 2Africa cable come ashore! Was at Pollock Beach in Port Elizabeth, and NOT at the Coega IDZ as previously reported.
Quite something :)