2TB Anytime data

I wish I was getting these speeds...
Anything during the day I don't even hit 20Mbps...
Some how between bout 02:00 and 04:00 early morning it hits about 120Mbps(almost)

I think it's more a congestion issue in my area.
Anyone been able to connect to the magical "5G" Telkom network yet?
I think you meant mythical, because I am in coverage with a 5G Samsung using an esim. Asked customer care about it but was given the runaround as is to be expected. Not seeing it on mobile yet, but they also haven't formally announced it yet although I do see it in the booklet being advertised on different models
Having strange connectivity issues lately... With total disconnects. Yes done all the usually even a factory reset on router.
Tried calling call center now..
Sounds like telkom does not have a 24hr technical support... basically getting a "you have contacted us outside usual operating hours. Please call during business hours"
I have been having severe latency issues and disconnects for the last week or so with the 2TB Telkom sim. I have contacted @Afrigirl via the forum and she has been of much help. Guys from Telkom phoned me the other day to run through a few settings and different band options via the B618 router but to no avail. The service seem borked in my area all of a sudden.

Been toying with the idea of getting fibre installed for a while now. So I placed my order with AH for openserve 100/50 fibre and they should be doing the install today or so.

The 2 TB deal has been rock solid since day one but time to move on.

@Afrigirl can you please confirm by what date I need to cancel my 2TB package to not be billed for another month?

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She is on leave.

@AfriNatic could assist.

PS: Can't you sell/transfer the package to someone instead?
I don't have anyone or any use for it after I get fibre. I still have another Telkom LTE sim from AH that I keep as a backup that I will use when on holiday or whatever.

Either way one can still order the package from AH site.