400 buffalo drown after stampede into river between Botswana and Namibia


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Mar 27, 2007
Around 400 buffaloes drowned after stampeding into the Chobe River along the border between Botswana and Namibia, possibly while running away from lions, the tourism ministry said.

Initial investigations Botswana and Namibia suggest that an exceptionally large buffalo herd was grazing in Namibia before they stampeded into the Chobe River. The buffalo trampled on each other and fell into the river from its steep banks, the ministry said in a statement.

“The cause of the stampede is still uncertain and under investigation. However, initial indications are that they were being chased by a pride of lions,” Botswana’s Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism said.


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Jul 18, 2008
Sjoe, pretty sad. I hope they were able to retrieve the animals... can you imagine what a mess that’s going to make if not. Croc buffet. Mkhul’ Nyama.


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May 11, 2011

A local lodge owner told the BBC that it looks like the buffaloes then got stuck because the bank on the other side of the river was too high and that they panicked and stampeded.
Simone Micheletti, who owns a lodge on the Namibian side of the river, said that the herd was unusually large - at roughly 1,000 buffaloes
Losing ~400 out of ~1000 is quite a heavy loss.

Mr Micheletti told the BBC that he heard the lions roaring a lot on Tuesday night. When he went down to the river on Wednesday morning he saw hundreds of dead buffaloes.

He added that it was cloudy on Tuesday night so he suspects the clouds blocked the moonlight, meaning the buffaloes couldn't see.
He said that most of the bodies have been taken out of the river by people living nearby in order to eat them, something he said the authorities have given them permission to do.
At least its not going to waste.

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Nov 21, 2005
Best steak we used to get here was at La Petit restaurant, Buffalo steak. Damn it was good.