5 important things happening in tech today - 16 June 2021


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May 24, 2010
5 important things happening in the tech world today

Samsung has developed a chip that will bring flagship-like performance to more mid-range phones and the company said it will start appearing in smartphones from this month, June 2021.

25% of all graphics cards shipped in Q1 2021 went to crypto miners and the market value is $500 million (US), according to estimates by John Peddie Research.

Windows 11 leaks and images abound on the internet and MyBroadband has collected everything we could find. The new operating system is expected to be unveiled on 24 June.

Starlink's ground dishes start to shut down when it reaches 50°C according to recent reports, and the company's official statement says that the satellites are certified to operate up to 38°C.

NASA is planning to build a telescope on the far side of the moon and connect it to an array of antennas made from the surface material of the moon itself.