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50M outside of Rain LTE-A coverage zone


New Member
Jan 9, 2018
Hi you dont really have anything too complain about. We went for the 30meg speed and barely get 1 meg download and 2 meg upload speed.

We are with Afrihost and fail to get any joy out of their call centre. It is like watching paint dry with the buffering we get.
Mar 14, 2010
I reside in Kliptown Soweto and I have tried many time to search on the map if there is Rain signal and the results from all the ISP that sells Rain shows that I'm not covered (out of the covered area by approx. 1.5 Km), but today after reading all of this posting on this forum, I did a manual search as suggested with my IPhone 5s and managed to have this 65519 or 65538. Does this mean I will be able to have better signal ?

Is there anyone out there using Rain in this surrounding area of Chris Hani road to Union Avenue Kliptown Square?
I have received my package from Ignite (excellent service) and here is my results.

Ping: 17ms
Download: 17.42Mbps
Upload: 6.39Mbps


New Member
Feb 13, 2018
I'm in Potch, also a little out of coverage but decided to take the risk and ordered my modem from Afrihost today.. Now the waiting begins, wish me luck!