7 arrests made in Vodacom SIM-swap case – but none are employees


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Dec 8, 2013
Case solved the ring leader is already in prison . What’s the most they going to do to the idiot extend his jail time and law abiding citizens pay for his stay...


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Jan 3, 2010
They are still criminals working at Vodacom. I renewed my contract at VodaWorld in Midrand and was called by Vodacom and tricked into giving them my one time pin and they stole airtime and data and must have tried to get into my bank account As soon as I realised what was going on a few minutes after the call I phoned Vodacom 111 Helpline and the agent could not care and was not willing to help. I still have not been refunded and nobody at Vodacom cares. The agent that I renewed my contract with is obviously part of it as she has all my details and passed it on to another agent in Vodacom to commit the theft on my Vodacom account.


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Oct 1, 2005
How exactly does this simswap fraud happen? What needs to be done to be safegaurded?
One needs to use a bank that does not use your SIM (whether via SMS or USSD) to authenticate banking logon/changes/beneficiary additions. And one must fall for phishing attempts

CBS News and Intel Security launched an online survey to test people’s knowledge and awareness of phishing emails with this week’s results showing that people aren’t too savvy when it comes to safely opening emails. In the test, users were sent 10 emails from McAfee Labs, a research arm at Intel Security. Some of the emails were perfectly fine while others were phishing emails. 19,458 people took part in the test and 80 percent of them fell victim to at least one phishing email – only a scant three percent scored a perfect mark.

Lucas Buck

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Jun 20, 2005
According to the report, a Vodacom agent’s company login information was stolen and another agent used this information to perform the illegal SIM-swaps.
Mr reporter please clear this up.
Was the person who used the stolen information a vodacom agent or not?
If that person was a Vodacom agent. Are vodacom seriously using the fact that call centre agents are outsourced to spin a positive out of the situation by saying that no vodacom employees were arrested.
That just seems like a technicality to me.

Did vodacom have any influence in how the article was titled?