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A New War in the Middle East?


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Aug 7, 2003
That's one possible view, of course. The wrinkle is that the establishment of the Trekker republics (there were at least five, excluding the Hollandse Kaap) can be seen as a species of local imperialism, or at least conquest. The interior was not entirely a terra nullius. The story still needs to be told of how the Trekkers earnestly tried to negotiate with the indigenes for land. However, within a few decades they were all overwhelmed by a global imperial power.

A change of heart in the global imperial power resulted in greater local government for the local European descendants, with eventual unfettered hegemony in the erstwhile imperial lands. Interestingly, a number of ethnically-based Black states were established (Basotholand, Swaziland, Bechuanaland) which eventually also obtained their full independence.

This also played out in the Middle East.
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