AAD 2018 – Photos of the awesome jets, tanks, and weapons on display


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Aug 16, 2016
I remember AAD in 2000, had the USAF B2 bomber as the highlight. Last flight of the day, and the only time it was ever displayed at a SA airshow as far as I know. Recorded it with my old VHS camcorder - still have the tapes.

AAD 2002 was also the last year that they allowed fighter jets to break the sound barrier (done with the F-15 that year). Noise regulations since killed that experience. Was typically always athe SAAF Mirage that did the sound barrier demonstration years prior.
I pulled this off my VHS tape from 2000. It was the B-1 bomber, piloted by a female captain. The B-2 is stealth, and as far as I know this type of aircraft is usually not used for airshows outside of the USA & UK.

B1 Bomber AAD2000.jpg

We almost got into deep excrement at this airshow. We had a contact at the SAAF who gave us a ticket to use a back entrance, and on our way out after the show we got lost and ended up at the hanger where the then brand-new Gripens were stationed. Don't know who were startled the most when we came around the corner of the hanger, us or the MP's outside the hanger. :D

The rule regarding the breaking of the sound barrier above residential areas was established not only for noise abatement, but because it also caused windows in the area to shatter.

I experienced this personally while at a friend's house.
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Mar 12, 2008
Last time I was at AAD , got to fly above Pretoria, in a Belgium AF C130, even flew with the back door open.
Do remember how noisy and bumpy that flight was,