Accessing sms on Huawei E353 3g dongle dashboard when it is plugged in to wifi router

Jul 29, 2018
I have a 3g antenna on a 10 metres pole which plugs into the antenna jack of a Huawei E353 3g dongle which plugs into a Tenda N300 wifi router in a weather-proof box with power supply. From the router I have a 75 metre cable down the hill to my house which plugs into a Ubiquiti WAP. I connect with my laptop via the wifi from the WAP.

This system works perfectly with excellent reception and ping <250.

However I cannot access the sms's sent to the sim on the dongle and have to go up the hill with my laptop and remove the dongle from the router to plug directly to my laptop. I have to receive sms's for otp's.

Is there a way to access the Huawei E353 dashboard to view sms's with this setup via the wifi instead of direct plug in?



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Jun 26, 2006
You can try installing OpenWrt on your Tenda, or get a Mikrotik router.