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Activists call for UAE to free 'captive' Dubai princess


Honorary Master
Mar 26, 2010
Detained in Dubai campaigners staged a protest outside the UAE embassy in London on Monday, calling for the freedom of a "detained" Emirati princess, following her failed attempt to escape alleged imprisonment in the Gulf state.Detained in

Dubai - a UK-based human rights group - is spearheading the #freelatifa campaign, named after the princess who campaigners fear is being held against her will in the UAE.Activists gathered outside the UAE embassy to hand deliver an urgent UN

communication concerning the alleged capture of Sheikha Latifa by Emirati authorities."We've knocked on this embassy door many times before and been ignored," said David Haigh, managing partner of Detained in Dubai. "Now, however, it is the United

Nations who are knocking. They cannot be turned away so easily. The UAE authorities must do the right thing and release Latifa."The document was delivered by Tiina Jauhiaien, a Finnish citizen, who claims she was on board a yacht with Latifa when it

was raided in a joint Indian-Emirati operation in March, around 50km off the coast of Goa.
More at: https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/n...s-call-for-uae-to-free-captive-dubai-princess

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