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Advice - LTE and LTE-A on a farm


New Member
Dec 27, 2012
Hi All

Please can someone clarify with me if LTE and LTE-A require specific towers. In other words:

I have Vodacom LTE on the farm, and get pretty good signal. I would, for obvious costs reasons, like to buy the LTE-A bundles that are available. The various service providers websites say that I am not in the coverage area. The same applies with the Vodacom LTE where I am, but I am getting a great signal.

Some education would be appreciated!


Well-Known Member
Aug 10, 2011
Cellular towers transmitting and receiving LTE signal do not necessarily contain equipment for transmitting and receiving LTE-Advanced signal, and the likelihood is that the latter would be in high-population areas in our largest cities; but - as you say - the coverage maps indicate that you should not be receiving good LTE signal, yet you do.

Best would be to borrow someone’s Huawei B618 router and their SIM provisioned for an LTE-A package, and do an on-site test on your farm.

If there is signal but it is marginal, reception can be improved with a reasonably priced Poynting or similar LTE-A external antenna.