Afrihost, I wanted to believe in you...


Sep 29, 2008
Cannot login to ClientZone. Need to change +27 to a 0 on my cell number of my Afrihost account so that OTP can be obtained. In order to do so, they want me to produce a little less than my soul :p


I am perplexed, I somewhat blame myself. Over many years I have seen people complain about Afrihost support and thought hey ... it must be better by now, how bad can it be? so let me try them out. Long story short, I signed up on Friday for a hosting and domain package, and gave through my debit order details. All went well with sign-up and I entered (and it accepted) all my details including my cellphone number. The cell number I entered (and it accepted) was in the format of +27XXXXXXXXX - I now cannot login to my ClientZone account as I cannot receive a One Time Pin SMS because my cell number is in the incorrect format. now want the following in order to change my cell number to the format 0XXXXXXXXX

--> Photograph of the account holder holding his/her identity document.
--> Payment method utilized - Simply include: Name of Bank, Account Holder, First 3 digits and Last 3 digits of Account (eg: 123***0000).
--> Kindly confirm products that you are currently subscribed to.

Surely I'm not the first person to sign-up to Afrihost with a +27 (which it accepted) cell phone number?
Surely they could have fixed/string replaced this since the beginning of time?


Thank you for reading my rant, I needed to get it off my chest, has anyone else had a similar experience? :)



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Feb 28, 2005
Afrihost does not care about the customer only the money they get from you.


Jun 1, 2015
Just today I was told by them that it was reasonable that I cannot create dns a records on clientzone and that I needed to email them to do it and that a 2-week turnaround was good. And that me saying that was stupid constituted abuse. run far away from these clowns.