Afrihost, put the latest update at top of Status page - its Oct but shows July 1st


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May 4, 2006
Afrihost, put the latest update at top of Status page - its Oct but shows July 1st

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Jun 12, 2013
Posted about this over on the Business thread a few mins ago:

AfriGuy said:
I agree with this discussion, if i go to Afrihost's site right NOW , i see an "orange" indicator on top next to "Network Status" , it is always orange mind now , like i'm sure any normal person would do, i hover there, what is the first thing i see?

Hellloooo, doesn't Afrihost realise what this tells people like me? That tells me Afrihost are not updating their status and have only done so last in JULY. This also leads me to believe there is nothing new under the "Network Status Page" , because you expect the LATEST entry to display on this dropdown!

Now if i DO click on the "network status" page, again, what do i see? First thing = an entry dated 24 July 2015 .

My suggestion is, change the layout, show the "long term" notices somewhere else. We know you are permanently wrestling with the network , but show the LATEST Entry on top and in the know , like a Twitter feed or any News Feed . Just split the slow moving news from the fast moving news.

If Afrihost is really transparant with this, they will keep every single notice on there, so i can see "oh, last night when i couldn't do squat and just went off to bed, there was an issue..." . That alone gives me some assurance that it was an "incident" and not something where i now need to test my line, phone telkom, phone afrihost, replace my router, reboot my pc.

I think we do have some improvements lined up, I know it isn't the easiest noticeboard to navigate :(

Something we're working on :)