AFRIHOST/Vumatel Fibre Problems in Northcliff JHB


New Member
Dec 14, 2017
Hello Folks, anyone else out there having terrible service from AFRIHOST/Vumatel ?
I am beyond frustrated with their inability to answer emails (waiting time this far on mails up to 15 days - Ticket ID: ASX-712-94456 ); waiting time on-line 30+ mins that just then runs past 30 minutes or cuts you off; I pay a R1000/month @ get 21.25MBPS Down & 20.23MBPS Up. It is beyond robbery....

If you are thinking of the AFRIHOST/Vumatel alliance as your Supplier of fibre or anything else - JUST DO NOT!

Go back to Telkom :) :) haha you will be Happier ! :(