Airbnb hosts are furious about Airbnb's change to its cancellation policy


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Aug 30, 2006
its not that I hate them, but they shouldn't complain, they are in it for the (quick) money, and most people who are in property know that short term lets come with risks
Quick money? Sjo, I had a different experience. It was hella hard work :O
Landlords aren't nice people generally. Because nice people who are landlords aren't landlords for long.

In my experience, I realized there are some real dodgy mofos out there that can misrepresent themselves for days. I still have one tenant that's actually good, but if I could sell the property for a reasonable price I'd do it tomorrow.

You need to have a certain personality to be a landlord and to enjoy it. You can have 5 good tenants (shoutout to the good eggs), but it needs just 1 bad apple to costs you tens of thousands of rands. In the one flat I had to replace the entire roof. Don't ask...


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Jan 20, 2004
I was reading of a guy in the US who ran some 20 AirBnB listings. Now, with cancellations, it turns out he was renting the premises, and then listing them on AirBnB. He's now on the hook for $40K per month in rent, and no income...