Alexa is built in to a new Xperia 1

Bradley Prior

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Oct 16, 2018
Alexa is built in to a new Xperia 1

Amazon has begun selling a version of the Sony Xperia 1 that lets owners use hands-free Alexa commands.

The phone will include a pre-installed set of Amazon apps, which include Amazon Shopping, Amazon Music, Audible, and Alexa.
When will the Xperia 1 be officially available in this country ? Thus far I did not get any confirmation from anybody, does not matter who I spoke to.
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Would be nice if alexa is also installed if it comes to SA, crappy to download new apk all the time.
Why's this even newsworthy? Been running Alexa on a few Android devices for ages flawlessly - with wake word enabled.
Sony is still a cellphone brand in South Africa ? I know no TVs anymore. Disclaimer - I have a Sony Bravia TV and Sony home theatre in a box. Saw that you still get that same home theatre in a box the other day at Game , and Sony Bluetooth speakers at Musica.