Amazon's big threat to DStv

Hanno Labuschagne

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Sep 2, 2019
Amazon's big threat to DStv

Amazon is expected to launch its marketplace in South Africa in February 2023, with Amazon’s Prime membership programme becoming available shortly afterwards.

Amazon has been in discussions with warehouse providers, couriers, and fast-moving consumer goods providers as part of its South African expansion plans.

[Daily Investor]
Hopefully they will get the streaming rights for all the sports we love.

They already stream international rugby in the UK.
Depends on how much they're willing to pay just to bring sport to SA viewers. I'm guessing it won't be a lot. SA just isn't important enough.
I agree they will try extract as much profit as possible with their existing ecosystem . They won’t want to go fight for rugby rights at first .
DSTV's only saving grace is that you can watch (and PVR) tennis, cricket, rugby, athletics, swimming, motorsport, etc all in one spot.

There is no other TV service in the whole world that comes close to DSTV's sport coverage imho.
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I'm sure Amazon's prime directives, to start anyway, is international series then movies. Something DStv is doing very badly with now.
You think dstv can match amazon in a bidding war?
Of course they can, what a silly way of thinking.

Its not about who has the deepest pockets, its about having pockets deep enough to pay for it, its about for who it make the most financial sense, who can exploit it the best. Or did you think millions of Saffers without a decent internet connection will sub to an Amazon stream to watch it?

Amazon pulled out of the IPL bidding...
Or maybe they just link up with Sky and offers the games without local commentary?
Probably not that easy. DStv were known to have cornered the market with tight contracts and are somewhat in bed with Sky.