Ananzi mail (now Cloud Africa)


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Aug 23, 2004
I used Ananzi a long long time ago, and have been logging in periodically to delete spam (silly 10MB limit) because some of my domain registrations are tied to it. I need to move those domains to a new DNS provider, so I headed over to and got redirected to Login details are rejected, and I'm presented with two options:

a) reset my password. I tried this and it tells me that "A link to reset your password has been emailed to the recovery email address provided. Please check your inbox. The link will expire in 60 mins." - I have no idea what this address is. I have checked all my accounts, including spam folders - nada.

b) There's a link that reads "Unable to log in? Please click here" - This offers me a page which seems to offer a subscription as and R100 extra for the recovery on top. I don't mind paying for the subscription (I was a paying Ananzi subscriber at some point in the past), but I thought I'd check this out before I hand over my credit card details.

Is anyone familiar with this company/offering? Am I about to gain access to my mailbox (filled with the last year's spam)?