ANC ordered to pay KZN company R102 million after three years of dodging

You forget the ANC has couches all over the country.
Nope. Problem with the couch system of investment management is that anyone can help themselves to the money. Which given the high standards of personal integrity that ANC members are known for, we can assume all that money is gone.
I don’t see it. This was the same tone he used when he said load shedding will be a thing of the past by December.
Also that when you get into a taxi you have to sit down before you get in..

Or something like that.

ramaidiot, how many couches you need to pay this bill?

rama: I was shocked. ..........

Can we get a compilation of the government lying on youtube?
I wonder how this all plays out? I don’t think it will affect their election much. ANC don’t need to campaign. So that’s not an issue. What happens if they go into liquidation after elections whilst still on government?