Announcement: Dealing with racism on the MyBB forum

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Oct 4, 2010
MyBroadband does not condone racism in any manner and will adopt a zero tolerance approach in dealing with any such content posted on the MyBroadband forum.

As MyBroadband respects members' rights to freedom of speech, anyone who believes their post(s) have been incorrectly identified as being inappropriate, should use the "Report Post" function on the opening post within the relevant thread or contact the forum administrators via email with the following basic information [forum username; email address used for username; optional link to one or more posts being disputed].

Before doing the above your attention needs to be drawn to the Terms and Conditions of your usage of the MyBroadband forums as detailed here:

MyBroadband does, however, retain the right but not the obligation to remove any material from the Forum or Blog which it deems inappropriate, is illegal, of an infringing nature, or is the subject of a complaint.
This announcement does not supersede any other Terms and Conditions or Guidelines or Rules pertaining to the MyBroadband Forum.
Not open for further replies.