Anonymous hackers are cowards that attacked a national keypoint - SABC

LOL, a website is now a National Key Point. Idiots.

Kganyago further called the hackers “cowards” and said that they had attacked a “national key point” by targeting the SABC websites.
Lol!!! Cowards? for attacking a "National Key Point"??? What next SABC or should that be S(ANC)BC? Cry me a river, you days are numbered!
Would anyone have even noticed if the so called "hackers" hadn't publicised the attack?
LOL. Hope these guys can do damage, taking down a website doesn't mean much.
I guess IBM engineers will be quite busy getting IBM stack up again. And someone will have to worry about the pastebin leaks to follow.
Keerist, that was too funny..

"Our guys".... seriously?

and websites being National Key Points... this lot just get funnier and funnier by the day.
By not paying your TV license you are attacking a national key point.
When was the last time Anonymous actually hacked somebody major? I mean an actual hack, not this botnet script kiddie BS.
“Our guys have found that there are people who hacked our system,” SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago told Fin24 on Sunday afternoon by phone.

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