Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for the Automotive Industry - The Spurious Parts Menace

Ivan Leon

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May 27, 2008
While poorly designed Cars that don't meet Safety Standards and Poorly designed Roads are contributors to Accidents and Deaths on the Road. Counterfeit products are an equally big danger to our lives and no one really seems to taking sufficient action on this issue.

This thread would be focused on the issue of Duplicate / Fake / Counterfeit products sold in Automotive Industries & the Anti-Counterfeiting measures that Automotive Companies can adopt to curtail the problem.

It would cover: (Not necessarily in this order.)

a) The extent of the problem

b) A bit about the Regulations / Regulators and their efforts.

c) The current measures adopted by a few of the Automobile Companies - Are they enough.

d) The various solutions that exist and their pros and cons.

e) The Simplest & Lowest Cost Solution/s (In my view). - How easy is it to implement?

f) A general discussion by all of us on how the We, The Automotive Companies (including Auto Spares Ancillaries) & The Government can take this to the next level.


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Oct 14, 2008
Problem here is that the cost of implementing all these standards etc is borne by the legitimate guys- increasing the market for knock-off stuff :(

Move the burden to the seller?

Fine + confiscation for counterfeit parts.

(Regular) inspections of sellers for counterfeit parts.

Basically, enforcing existing laws would be a start. As always.
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