Anti-Gang Unit revs into gear, as Ramaphosa hands over 50 BMWs


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May 18, 2009
De Klerk

Do you trust those at lower level? I don't know many so I'm curious.
Nope. I don't. I've met exceptional young politicians who made it their mission to help their communities. Unfortunately these have day jobs and aren't always available. But they're dedicated.

I've also met/seen the opposite; those who earn their living from politics. Then I also looked at branch leadership and those lining up to join politics.
Edit: do I think I'm better than them? No. Absolutely not.


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Mar 26, 2010
Army accused of 'wasting taxpayer money' after pregnant woman shot eight times

Cape Town - The family of a pregnant woman who was shot dead near her Manenberg home are asking where the army was when the young mother was killed.

On the same day, four armoured vehicles rolled into Table View, where two people where arrested in a abalone bust.

Mother of two Sadiqah Newman, 26, was shot eight times while walking on Thursday evening to a shop to buy electricity with a friend, who was also shot and wounded in the leg.

Tasneem Simons, 22, was killed three weeks ago in the same area when she was hit by a stray bullet while on her way to the washing line.

She was three-months pregnant.

On Saturday, Newman’s family gathered at her Tambo Village home to prepare for her funeral as relatives mourned.

Her father, Yassiem, said his youngest daughter had left the house shortly after 9.30pm before she was shot.

“I was lying down in my room when I heard gunshots. I just thought of my daughter and I ran outside. Then I ran to a neighbour, who informed me Sadiqah had been shot,” he said.

“And when I got to her she was still breathing, but you could see she was not going to make it, with four bullets to the head and two to the stomach.

“She tried to talk, but no sound came out. By the time my wife arrived our daughter was dying in my arms.”

The police Anti-Gang Unit has since arrested four men between the ages of 18 and 28 in connection with the incident.
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