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Anti-Gang Unit revs into gear, as Ramaphosa hands over 50 BMWs


Honorary Master
Mar 12, 2008
Just because something is "nothing new" doesn't make it right or justified.
exactly this, especially if you spend ,billions on fancy cars, that will either be written off in the first 6 months.
or get stolen, or even suffer breakdowns that take them off the streets for a long time.

I mean they could have brought double the amount of datsun go's but they decided to blow other peoples money on a fleet of BMW's


Executive Member
Jul 15, 2008
SAPS don't pay market price for their vehicles, and no doubt there BMW footed a lot of the bill.
Where does it state BMW footed part of the bill? And I know government gets cars slightly cheaper from manufacturers, but recently manufacturers like Mercedes, VW and BMW have drastically cut these discounts to a point where a normal citizen can get it cheaper with a little discount from the dealer.