Anti-Trump CNN pundit Jeffrey Toobin ‘masturbated on Zoom call with colleagues

Im interested to know though , is this normal behaviour at CNN offices ?
I mean some already suspected they were a bunch of w*ankers but this is possibly a term of employment.
No. Not "something something" just "policies" and "leadership" you need to pay more attention if you actually GAF.

Well I certainly don't GAF about your's that?

...but you don't GAF, you're just making cracks from the sidelines your mom's basement.

Oh dear....the personal attacks begin, albeit based on no facts. The irony... :laugh:

T = truth?? This form the guy touting QAnon as fact in this very forum? You are not an authority on truth, you're a freaking nut.

The irony intensifies...:laugh:

"You lot" ...? Which lot? I don't remember ever having been asked what my alignment is, nor do I recall volunteering that information. You just react to any criticism with the talking points you've been trained on. Because anyone who speaks out is a Nazi/racist/dotard/far-right MyBroederbond.

Ring any bells...?
Listen, stop with all this political ****.

The only relevant thing to do with the left and right in this thread, is which hand you use on work calls. I tend to use my right, but unfortunately, I'm forced to change to left if I need to use the mouse. :(
Forget about everything he's done in his life, he will now forever be known as zoom dick guy.

Much like..

A backpacker is traveling through Ireland when it starts to rain. He decides to wait out the storm in a nearby pub. The only other person at the bar is an older man staring at his drink. After a few moments of silence the man turns to the backpacker and says in a thick Irish accent:

"You see this bar? I built this bar with my own bare hands. I cut down every tree and made the lumber myself. I toiled away through the wind and cold, but do they call me McGreggor the bar builder? No."

He continued "Do you see that stone wall out there? I built that wall with my own bare hands. I found every stone and placed them just right through the rain and the mud, but do they call me McGreggor the wall builder? No."

"Do ya see that pier out there on the lake? I built that pier with my own bare hands, driving each piling deep into ground so that it would last a lifetime. Do they call me McGreggor the pier builder? No."

"But ya fck one goat.."
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Leftism is a religion of self-loathing. It teaches white people to hate their race, boys to hate their sex, women to hate their femininity, Americans to hate their country, westerners to hate their history. What a contemptible, toxic thing it is. (Matt Walsh)
maybe he read the wrong label.
The Left attacks the Right = High moral ground...something something...policies....something something leadership...
The Right counters the Left = Whataboutism/Strawman/Dunning Kruger Effect...all these "power words" used to negate any argument, albeit used incorrectly 99% of the time.

I have no horse in the USA presidential race, both candidates are equally ridiculous.

But the way the Left contorts facts and arguments is astonishing... not least their absolute hypocrisy.

The only reason I want Trump to win, is to see another 4 years of Leftist meltdown and reeeeeing.

If Kamala Harris (Biden) becomes president...well, the subsequent collapse of the USA into a socialist state, will be glorious to behold.

PS> :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
so like in the old holy books, the woman here is gonna cause the downfall again, mmmhhh?!