Anyone willing to design a free onepage site for my dad?


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Mar 23, 2013
That font yoh...same reason i don't even consider Cybersmart for anything.

* Get to the point. When someone lands on your site, he already have a problem that needs solving. He don't need chitchat. 2 clicks to actually know what this uncle is doing, or a 2 page scroll. Get rid of that landing pic, you immediately miss the opportunity to tell me what the site is about. The first impression will be, its about a retired uncle that loves chilling at the pool.

I know it was free, but you could've used getpublii. An opensource easy offline static site builder for linux,win,mac. Plus you then could easily add posts with free tips, using the services list as keywords...and share these on FB, instead of going for the hard sell. You can also make 2 min little videos for youtube about these tips and linking it back. YT is the 2nd biggest search engine.
Wish you guys would've spent half as much effort in actually assisting the guy from the beginning instead of criticising in detail months later