Apple launches major new Racial Equity and Justice Initiative projects to challenge systemic racism, advance racial equity nationwide


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Jan 23, 2006
Re - Google it ffs.
NO. You claimed Mathematics & navigation so YOU support the claim ffs.
NO. Learn history before commenting on it. This isn't a philosophical debate there is no burden of proof.

I hold a patent for a mod to diesel engines
Proof. Don't believe this for a second. Privately held patents are few and far between for various reasons. Were a privately held patent useful enough to be worth holding then you would likely be spectacularly wealthy if not a household name at least in SA. This is epeen I guarantee it.

but my statement concerned all three, distinctly different, major groups of humans as seen by forensic pathologists who are regularly faced with the problem of identifying a skeleton or a pile of bones.
This doesn't even make sense as an english sentence. is this the same laguage you "patent" was filed in? :ROFL:


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Jun 25, 2010
Apple has a piss poor human rights record, but they wash their own hands. When you look at big tech, it always surprises me how much better Asian corporates in general are at maintaining that what is considered as humane, but the American big corps seems to struggle at this. There are various things which may contribute to this like miscommunication, dissimilar labour laws, etc., nonetheless abuse stays abuse.