Apple loses patent case, forks out R40.8 million

hahaha, $5 mil to apple is like a few hours earnings. I would hardly call it nailed.
Huh, where does it say Apple lost the patent case???? The only thing it references was Apple wining the case before the ITC??
This seems to be an out of court settlement.

Shoddy news reporting day on MyBB

More info here -
Pocket change.
Why even levy such a charge if you know its going to have the company being "fined" laughing at you.
In 2009, Elan sued Apple in the United States over
two patent infringements and the California-based
giant counter-sued later the same year.

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled
in favour of Apple in June last year, saying Apple
had not violated U.S. trade law.

So why are Apple settling?
This article leaves me a bit befuddled...
Copy, paste, delete some text, change some words ... oops, removed this part: "The two parties have come to an agreement that they have interactive authorization of patents, with the U.S. high-tech giant giving US$5 million to the Taiwanese firm, according to Elan.".