Apple pays R1.7 billion settlement because it slowed down old iPhones

That is a serious scumbag move on their part. Will people have the integrity to stop supporting them? Not a fcking chance. That R1.7 billion they paid, was made up by the tens if not hundreds of billions they made in new phone sales because people wanted to upgrade from their old "slow" apple products.
R1.7 billion seems a bit low, also where does this money go? Doubt it goes to the consumers of said phone.
If integrity was a thing we wouldn't invest in 50% of the companies we do, we'd all be vegan and nobody would support VW or any of it's parent/sister companies.
Cant argue. Even I am a hypocrite when it comes to this. But I do try to keep myself informed and try to avoid scum if I can.
Tim Crook and his merry bunch of greed driven investors.