Apple TV and Smart DNS proxy quirks


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Oct 6, 2009
A bit of a long story to follow and also I was not sure if this is the correct forum.

So, in order to watch Hulu, Disney+, etc. I have a US Itunes account and the Apple TV region, etc. is set to the USA. And I use the Smart DNS Proxy. And everything works just fine. However you can't use DSTV Now and Showmax. Then when I signed up to Apple music, the autocorrect on my phone used my SA Apple account. And in order to use Apple Music on the Apple TV (unless there's something I'm missing) you have to be logged in with the actual account on the device, there's no way to log in to Apple Music with a different ID.

The other day I was just messing around while signed in to the SA account and I went to the App store and discovered that I could download DSTV Now and Showmax and they worked just fine, despite the regional settings of the device and the smart dns proxy. But when I switched back to US account, DSTV and Showmax didn't work again and the store reset to US. But the interesting thing here was, despite being logged in to the SA account, I could still watch Hulu and Disney+, but for the Premier Access movies on Disney+, the pricing was all in rands, so R500 for Jungle Cruise, instead of $29.99. I wasn't going to see if I could purchase it, in case I accidentally dropped R500 but it was just odd.

And the final thing, when watching Paramount Plus - which used to be CBS All Access - and long before I added the SA account to the Apple TV, all the ads that played where local ads, for Absa and Uber Eats amongst others. However on Hulu and NBC and so on the ads were all US.

Now everything works fine, no hassles at all, just curious as to what causes this quirky behaviour. Thanks for any replies.


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Sep 13, 2006
I can't explain but can add a little perhaps.. I run an Amazon Fire TV stick instead of Apple TV and have been trying to get to Italian TV using IPVanish VPN. I can see the VPN works as when I connect to Milan or Rome and then open Youtube on the Fire TV, the news feed shows Italian news. Then I try and connect to RaiPlay, an Italian streaming service hosting their main national channels, and it still comes up with a message like "Rai TV is only available in Italy". I guess they can spot the VPN and somehow still see my original location?

Tried similarly to sign-up for Disney+, this time using a linux based laptop connected to a US VPN desitination... the site wouldn't even load. Perhaps I need to try Smart DNS Proxy instead of IPVanish?


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Jul 6, 2010
Must add another user with the profiles.

You’ll need to switch between them but it works.

Have both my SA and US accounts on mine.

The device has no real regional settings, if all relies on the signed in account.