Apple Watches could soon get groundbreaking health feature

My son was literally hours away from slipping into a coma before he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Many diabetics manage to accept the dangers and hassles that go along with it, but unfortunately my son is not one of them. If something like this materializes, just being able to get along without constant finger pricks would already be a major change in his life. Here's hoping.

I'm not an Apple fan, but I am wholeheartedly cheering for them.
My daughters Dexcom sensors cost R4600 a month, Thats a standard Apple Watch every 2 months, Apple could position this in the Ultra Watch and still I would buy it, in a heartbeat on day 1
I agree but hopefully it'll be accurate and not have some disclaimer saying it's only for reference purposes etc.
I'm pretty sure, for legal purposes, it will carry the same disclaimer their heart-rate monitors do. "Not a medical device" etc...
It's a great feature .

I just just hope they increase the battery life when adding a new sensor
Well if diabetes doesn't kill you the heart attack will when you see the price.