Argentina's Football Federation embarrassed by manual on how to seduce Russian women

Jan 7, 2010

Argentina's Football Federation is trying to contain an embarrassing scandal after it handed out a manual that includes advice on how to seduce Russian women during the World Cup.

The manual was handed out to journalists, players and coaches during a free course about Russian language and culture organised by the national federation.

It included a section under the title: "What to do to have a chance with a Russian girl."

The advice included lines like: "Make sure you're clean, smell good and dress well."

It also said Russian woman do not like to be seen as objects.

"Because Russian women are beautiful many men only want to sleep with them … the advice is to treat the woman in front of you as if she is someone of value," it said.

The AFA said on Wednesday that the material was included by mistake by the course teacher and that it does not reflect the values of the federation or its directives. It also said that it had been removed.

"The Department of Education of the Argentina Football Association announces that after an internal investigation carried out with respect to what happened yesterday during a course on Russian language and culture, we have concluded that part of the material given was erroneously printed," it said in a statement.

"Having notified the personnel of the department, we proceeded to have it immediately removed. We lament that such a mistake has overshadowed what was important on the date.

"We express our most sincere apologies to those that were affected by the publication which in no way reflects the thinking of the Argentina Football Association, nor of its president Claudio Tapia or any of its executives."


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Feb 26, 2011
They should also include one about how to deal with a Sergei after you have successfully seduced his woman.


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May 18, 2009
They should also include one about how to deal with a Sergei after you have successfully seduced his woman.
If the road rage Youtube videos are anything to go by, then they should rather sample the pr0nz scene or stick to watching the football. :D

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