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Nov 19, 2007
I live in Cape Town and recently noticed some dodgy characters that seems to be casing my joint. Yesterday they got as far 4 of them walking up to the wall with a rubbers stick and tapping on the neighbors electric fencing and my wall. Not sure why..

Anyway so this has spooked my family a bit and feeling a bit uneasy which leads me to my reason for posting.

Is having armed response worth it? How much do you pay and which area u in and what is your experience with them?
Also which companies to approach for quotes in the Cape Town Parklands/Tableview area.



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Oct 20, 2009
Not sure about armed response in your area. They are pretty good in our area. Maybe as a start try and find out if there is a neighbourhood watch and get their number. You can contact them if you see suspicious activity.


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Oct 14, 2011
Well, if you had ADT you could have phoned them and they would have sent out a patrol to suss them out. Had a similar experience where my domestic helper (yes Gregory....) phoned me at work, and told me there were a couple of strange dudes loitering and continuously pressing the doorbell. Contacted ADT who came out and checked them out, and also informed police (gave them a description of the guys). The two disappeared very quickly after that.


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Aug 9, 2014
It really does depend, I stay in pinelands and both the armed response and police are for the most part very efficient and quick if theres a problem.

However if you do get armed response get a local one from your area, my family is with pinewatch/zonewatch and they are great, ADT is also in our area but they can take up to 1 hour to respond to an alarm. Speak to your neighbours and see who they are with, also try join the neighbourhood watch even if you dont go out and patrol you can atleast get to know what is going on in your area.

I'm afraid I cant tell you how much we pay cause I dont foot the bill:D, but remember they will want to do a yearly increase. If you dont have an alarm and are having one put in make sure to get outside beams, they can quickly alert you to people on your property