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Assassination Attempt on AMD by Viceroy Research & CTS Labs, AMD "Should Be $0"


Honorary Master
Jan 22, 2005

Here’s a histrionic quote for you: “AMD must cease the sale of Ryzen and EPYC chips in the interest of public safety.”

That’s a real quote from Viceroy Research’s deranged, apoplectic report on CTS Labs’ security allegations against AMD’s Ryzen architecture. The big story today seemed to mirror Meltdown, except for AMD: CTS Labs, a research company supposedly started in 2017, has launched a report declaring glaring security flaws for AMD’s processors. By and large, the biggest flaw revolves around the user installing bad microcode.

There are roots in legitimacy here, but as we dug deep into the origins of the companies involved in this new hit piece on AMD, we found peculiar financial connections that make us question the motive behind the reportage.

The goal here is to research whether the hysterical whitepapers -- hysterical as in “crazy,” not “funny” -- have any weight to them, and where these previously unknown companies come from.


Honorary Master
Aug 23, 2013
Three of the exploits require that “an attacker be able to run a program with local-machine elevated administrator privileges. Accessing the Secure Processor is done through a vendor supplied driver that is digitally signed,” while Masterkey “requires an attacker to be able to re-flash the BIOS with a specially crafted BIOS update.” This would theoretically be done remotely on a system that supports BIOS flashing from within the OS. One of the experts we contacted pointed out that, with local admin access or the ability to flash BIOS, an attacker would probably be able to install malware on any system, AMD or not. Intel is proportionally affected in this position.
Thought so the moment I saw someone post root required on the other thread announcing the "exploit".


Honorary Master
May 4, 2012
I'm seriously getting fed up with these f**kers. Wish someone would start buying large stakes in companies every time they make one of these "announcements" and put them out of business for good. Most of these so-called exploits nowadays require access to the machine first in which case you're already compromised exploit or not.


Executive Member
Aug 12, 2010
Maybe someone (or a bunch of "someones") should start spreading rumors that viceroy is worth nothing.... :rolleyes: