Axxess Telkom Fixed LTE. Whats going on???


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Sep 11, 2008
by this thread with so many complaints is anything to go by, it's safe to stay aware from Axxess, if customers service is bad with bad perfomance and/or billing issue
I'm now worried about this. My contract with Telkom Ends July 21st. I do not want to sign another 24 month contract with them. Was thinking going through Axxess for Telkom data use and I only get Telkom LTE coverage in my area. With all these issues on billing and data usage its scares me to use Axxess. I have been with Telkom now for 8 years and never had any data usage or billing issues with them. Even the speeds were always here by the 10Mg/s mark. Don't know what to do.


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Mar 23, 2013
I signed up for 2 Telkom sim's for myself (one for house, one for phone) through Axxess the beginning of the year and a Telkom and MTN sim for my mother. Haven't experienced any of those issues yet.